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Division Six Young Marines

 Division 6 Young Marines

Strengthening the Lives of America's Youth ** * Young Marine 24/7

March, 15


“Young Marine 24/7”


 The Division 6 Motto is to reflect that ALL Young Marines are to be true to their Obligation, Creed and Code of Conduct - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This motto pertains to each Young Marine - whether they are in or out of uniform and regardless if they are away from or attending a Young Marine meeting/drill, community service or other public or social event.

Michael Wilson
Commanding Officer - Division 6 Young Marines

YM Fall In


Event Dates:  October 23-30, 2013 (tentative)

As units across the nation begin their planning & preparations for the annual Red Ribbon Week - we wanted to remind everyone of the DEA device requirements.  

The Young Marine promotion policy found in Chapter 2 of the Training Officer's Manual states that to be promoted to the rank of Young Marine Master Sergeant that the Young Marine must: Earn the DEA device for the Drug Demand Reduction Ribbon as prescribed in the Young Marines Awards Manual.
The following is an excerpt from the Young Marine Awards Manual:
DEA Device -This device will be provided by the DEA to the National Headquarters, to be awarded to a Young Marine who, while serving in any capacity of the Young Marines, distinguishes themselves by giving four presentations on Drug Demand Reduction to civic, community and other appropriate audiences to promote the ideals of a drug-free lifestyle. Submit to NHQ training department the contact information for the four presentations, once verified the DEA device will be mailed to the unit.
Please insure that ALL Young Marines making RRW presentations as noted above from the Young Marine Awards Manual are properly recorded in the Young Marine's record book and that a hard copy verification is kept to insure that the Young Marine receives credit for this task. It is important for the Young Marines promotion to Master Sergeant, so maintain this record even if the Young Marine is only a Private. FOUR documented presentation are required sometime during the Young Marine's career for this award. Red Ribbon Week is an excellent opportunity to accomplish this requirement. Submit the Young Marine for this award as soon as he/she meets the requirements (4 presentations) for the DEA Device.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact the Division Training Officer, Tammy Miller at  



The 14 leadership traits are qualities of thought and action which, if demonstrated in daily activities, help Young Marines earn the respect, confidence, and loyal cooperation of other Young Marines.  It is extremely important that you understand the meaning of each leadership trait and how to develop it, so you know what goals to set as you work to become a good leader and a good follower:

- justice - judgment - decisiveness - integrity - dependability - tact - initiative - endurance - bearing - unselfishness - courage - knowledge - enthusiasm -

which one is the most important to you ?

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